Health & Human Services

Alone Together and Angry: An Incel Revolution

Incels, or involuntary celibates, are primarily men who make up an online subculture that blames women for their inability to find romance or intimacy. Espousing male supremacist views, these individuals self-describe as resentful and disconnected, often justifying violence against people who more easily interact and engage in relationships with members of the opposite sex.  

Tune in to today’s episode as Steve Crimando of the New Jersey Department of Human Services' Disaster and Terrorism Branch joins us to discuss the Incel movement, how extremist groups might exploit their grievances, and what role mental health has in such cases.

Episode 38: A Discussion with New Jersey’s Mental Health Experts on Disaster and Terrorism

One component of counterterrorism that we rarely talk about is the psychological impacts of terrorist attacks and other forms of mass violence. As the Disaster and Terrorism Branch (DTB) of the Department of Human Services’ Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services is the recognized mental health authority for disaster and mental health services in New Jersey, in this episode, Director of DTB, Dr. Adrienne Fessler Belli, and the Director of Training for DTB discuss how their mission fills this extremely important void.

Episode 13: Vehicular Terrorist Attacks - Strategies for Safety and Survival

Terrorists—particularly homegrown violent extremists (HVEs)—will likely continue using vehicles as weapons based on foreign terrorist organizations promoting this tactic, the success of past attacks, and the ease of vehicle acquisition. As such, we sit down with Steven Crimando, the Director of Training for the Disaster and Terrorism Branch of the New Jersey Department of Human Services to talk about this emerging threat and explore different mechanisms and strategies individuals can utilize to mitigate the personal impact of these attacks.