Broadband Technology Outreach Initiative Workshops

NJOHSP offers broadband technology awareness workshops designed to provide an overview of broadband capabilities available to the public safety community at no cost. These awareness workshop are recommended for all first responders, including those who are involved with command centers, emergency operation centers, and communications.

Jerseynet Overview

JerseyNet is the Nation’s first deployable wireless communications network dedicated for use by public safety agencies. JerseyNet addresses the challenge of unreliable wireless service for first responders by providing public safety personnel with access to a reliable, dedicated, high speed communications network. 


JerseyNet provides constant communication service throughout three geographic regions in New Jersey: the Route 21 corridor, Camden, and Atlantic City. Deployable assets can also provide temporary communication service at any location in or around New Jersey. When on location, JerseyNet can facilitate interoperability among existing radios in use on scene, enable access to mobile applications used by first responders, and provide Internet access that is not dependent upon the existing commercial network. 

JerseyNet can be deployed at the request of governments or public safety agencies within the State. It has been deployed to multiple events in and around New Jersey, including the visit of Pope Francis to Philadelphia, the Atlantic City Air Show, and the Miss America Pageant. JerseyNet can also be deployed for use at trainings or exercises upon request.


Developed through the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, JerseyNet was created as part of the First Responder Network Authority’s (FirstNet) nationwide public safety broadband network. Today’s wireless communications services used by public safety agencies are dependent upon commercial infrastructure, leaving first responders to compete with the general public for limited bandwidth. These services can also become unreliable in severe weather, in rural areas, or when physical infrastructure has been compromised. For police, fire, and medical services, unreliable wireless service can degrade critical communications and put lives at risk. JerseyNet provides new wireless capabilities to first responders while demonstrating the future potential of the national public safety broadband network.

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